Integrated Facility Management
Single Solution, Single Correspondent: We can ensure you meet all facility management services with a customer-oriented approach, single-handedly in a qualified and cost-effective way
Cleaning Services
We can help you to protect health of your employees with the state-of-art vending machines, best-in-class cleaning products and our qualified staff
Private Security Services
We can help you to keep your employees and visitors safe with out smart solutions fulfilling high safety needs of today
Plant and Pool Maintenance
By protecting your green investment with our experienced gardener staff, we can help you to increase motivation of your employees
Technical Services
We can meet all of your needs from facility services to technical management and provide strategic information and methods regarding efficiency
By ensuring your facility meets hygiene management standards with the samples that we take from the frequently contacted surfaces, we assure your health.
Insect and Pesticide Inspection
By using biocidal products and eco-friendly methods which do not threat human health and environment, we can protect your business against the intruders

About Us

Established in 1963 in Germany, Kattenbeck has been operating in our country since 1992. For 29 years, Turkey’s leading companies, airports and shopping malls prefer us in order to meet their facility management needs, particularly for professional cleaning services. Thanks to our perfect facility management services, we create great places that you can spend your whole time developing your own business.

Our Industries

Since 1992, Turkey's leading companies, airports, factories, hospitals, schools, and shopping centers have been preferring us to meet their facility management needs.




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